Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date June 16-18, 2012
Written by Rachelrabbit1999, Perry and PenguinsLoveToSing
Directed by Rachelrabbit1999 and PenguinsLoveToSing
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Annalise decides to help, because she knows what it is like to lose a father. Emily and Robert become suspicious and team up to figure out what's going on. Danny and Annalise have a meeting, but don't know that someone is watching them.


After class, Danny begs Annalise to help him find his father. Annalise decides to help and day after day, Annalise suddenly disappears to the connivence store to buy supplies for the trip. Emily Melrose, Annalise's step-sister suddenly starts to get suspicious. Also, Rob Johnson, a cashier at the convience store gets suspicious at Annalise's constance trips to the store and think she's running away. Afraid, he goes to her house to talk to her, but actually meets Emily and start to flirt with her. Emily rolls her eyes and he stops flirting with her. Rob tells Emily about his theory and she agrees. Soon, they see Annalise passing through the window and they follow her and ended up at Danny's house. Suspicious, both of them walk to the garden where Danny and Annalise held their meeting to prepare for their trip to Atlantis.


  • Perry! as Daniel Sunter.
  • Rachelrabbit1999 as Annalise Chen.
  • PenguinsLoveToSing as Emily Melrose
  • Z! as Robert Johnson

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