Pilot is the first episode in the Journeys Series. It also starts off the first season. This episode was written by Rachelrabbit1999 and was co-written by Perry!

Season 1, Episode 1
Air date June 15, 2012
Written by Rachelrabbit1999 & Perry
Directed by Rachelrabbit1999 & Perry
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Forced to do a project with Annalise, Danny invites her to his house. While Danny is getting the drinks, Annalise knocks over an old box of maps and books. Danny eventually figures that his father is stuck on one of the Mysterious Islands using the notes his father wrote in a book. Annalise says that Atlantis isn't real, but is she wrong?


Annalise and Danny are forced to work as partners for Mrs. Fintz's project on underwater volcanoes. Danny invites Annalise to come to his house to work on the project. Annlise meets him at his house and Danny asks if she wants anything to drink or eat. Curious, Annalise walks around the house and enters the office of Danny's late father. Startled by Danny entering, she knocks over a box and old books and maps are spilled. Danny explains how his father was missing during his earlier year while they both put the books and maps back in the box. They go back to Danny's room to work on the project. While Annalise is researching and reading, Danny takes a quick look at the books and maps and notices that most of them have notes and calculations on them. He ponders if his father is actually on one of the islands.


  • Perry! as Danny Sunter
  • Rachelrabbit1999 as Annalise Chen
  • Rachelrabbit1999 as Teacher.

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